15 December 2013

Some random observations from a tropical island

The Bus
Whenever we go deeper into Waikiki, we take The Bus, easy and convenient. No need to mess with traffic which is notoriously bad on this island and no need to hunt for a parking space. I had noticed in previous years that, whenever we got on the bus just outside our hotel, quite a few Asian women got on with us and more joined at the stops in front of the other hotels. I always figured they were maids or other hotel workers. This time around, I talked to one of them (she explained about bus passes) and found out that this particular bus goes all the way to the East end of Waikiki, then turns around and heads back towards the other end of the island on the highway. Housing there is less pricey than it is in Waikiki.
On a side note: The Bus is shown in one of Jack Johnson's music videos. See here. And on another side note, he's wearing one of the "Keep the country country" Tshirts in the video.

Shrimp trucks
On Sunday, we tried Giovanni's, previously we had always eaten at Macky's in Hale-iwa. For the sake of research (yeah, right), we ate at Macky's twice during out visit.
Here's the comparison:
Giovanni's: 12 shrimp, lots of rice and maybe a little too much garlic on my shrimp. L always eats spicy shrimp and he was happy with them. The facility is a little less primitive, there's a concrete floor with a permanent wooden roof over the outdoor tables.
Macky's: 9 shrimp, lots of rice, a small salad (Romaine) with just the right amount of dressing and a small slice of pineapple. The shrimp are a little more tender and tasted just a little better, IMHO. You still sit at outdoor tables, protected by large beach umbrellas or canvas, but the floor is bare and there are chicken and pigeons underfoot (no problem, though).
Both places have outdoor toilets, Macky's is a port-a-potty, and a sink for washing your hands afterward because the shrimp come in their shell.
We had been told that the shrimp at Macky's were bigger, but found that not to be the case.
Don't let the outdoor facilities turn you off, both places are clean and the food is well worth it.
Oh, and the price is the same at both places: $13.00.
L tried coconut shrimp on our second visit to Macky's and liked those, too. There were fewer of them, 6, and they had been shelled before being breaded. No messy hands. Me, I'm sticking with the garlic butter shrimp. Never had better ones.

Friday Night Lights
There are fireworks at the Hilton Hawai'ian village very Friday night. We watched from the large outdoor area at our hotel.

For some reason we haven't figured out yet, people here like to back into parking spaces, even if there is a big sign saying not to. I guess it makes for a quick getaway? In fairness, though, they do it quickly, efficiently and well.

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