22 December 2013

This is Hawai'i

Lots of pictures, few words ...................
Beaches, and the year I took these I could have told you which beach it was. It's either Sunset, Waimea or Pipeline.

Big waves on the North Shore. The lifeguard kept chasing children away who had gotten too close to the water.

This is part of Waikiki Beach. Everybody was waiting for the sun to completely disappear below the horizon.
Cruise ships, huge ones. Always docked near the Aloha Tower.

The view from our condo a couple of years ago. Looking into the Hilton Hawai'ian Village with Diamond Head in the background.
Sky scrapers, lots of them in Honolulu, this picture taken near the Aloha Tower. Some of the locals call it the "concrete jungle" as opposed to the green side of the island, the windward side or the North Shore.

Looking down on Ala Moana Boulevard in the evening. Busy!

And tattoos, lots of them. This sign was across the street from our hotel, a day or two after the Honolulu Marathon (that'll be another post).

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