22 December 2013


I could shop for England or any other country for that matter and Waikiki and the Ala Moana Mall are really a shopper's paradise. I'm not going to list all the stores you can find there, let me just say that it's all the big names, sort of like Rodeo Drive except much bigger. And since it's as far from Tokyo to Honolulu as it is from California, the Japanese come in droves. A good exchange rate helps, too.
This place, unfortunately, is closed by now.
The famous International Market Place, full of fun touristy things, is being torn down to make way for another upscale department store. Bloomingdale's or Neiman Marcus or Saks. A real pity.
This used to be a big Sears store. It, too, has been torn down to make way for yet another upscale department store.

Tourists, mostly from Japan, waiting to get into the ugg store. It was full inside and the employees were only letting in a certain number of customers at a time. And there was an equally long line at the other entrance to the store, on the inside of the small mall.

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