24 October 2017

More eco printing

There's been a lot of experimenting going on here, some of it worked, some - not so much.
This eco printing is quite a learning experience.
Here are some pictures from session 2 - obviously, only the good ones. There are many more not so good ones. I used a bit of blue food color in the water and it shows on the edges of some of the papers, but wasn't that impressive.
Japanese maple leaves.
I have no idea :-) But I like the variety of colors I got.
Berries from a tree in the neighborhood, no idea what it's called.
Some sage leaves and a few others.
More Japanese maple leaves and a grape leaf.
My stevia plant flowered again and those tiny flowers print nicely.

What I learned this time around:
Take an extra baggie with you when you take out the dog, you never know when you'll find nice leaves, berries etc.
Bark does not print well at all. Neither does lichen. No, I did not rip the lichen off trees. It was hanging from a lot of branches that ended up on the ground in our yard after that big storm that started all those awful fires around here.
Use a weight to hold down those paper bundles. Without it there isn't enough contact between papers and plant material.
More pictures of experiments coming soon. Experiment 3 did not work out terribly well, experiment 4 was better.

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Cheryl Ann said...

I need to do another batch. I've only done 1 and it came out horribly because I used regular copy paper. Next time I will use my 80 pound paper.